Parenting podcast on ‘failure to launch’ features CEBTOhio founder

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CEBTOhio founder Lucene Wisniewski, Ph.D., F.A.E.D., was featured on a recent episode of Mom Squad Pod podcast, discussing the challenge for parents of adult children who are struggling to take the final steps to independence.

Titled “Failure to Launch,” the episode focuses on why increasing numbers of young adults are still living with their parents, and what parents can do to lovingly help them start their own adult lives.

“One of the things I see happen with parents is they can tend to vacillate on one or the other,” Wisniewski offers. “We say nothing – we don’t bring it up at all… Or we get angry and have a very intense conversation. I think the approach is somewhere in the middle.”

The podcast is produced by Maureen Kyle, morning news anchor at WKYC-TV3 in Cleveland and the mother of three.

The podcast is available in audio-only on Podbean and Apple Podcasts, and with visuals on YouTube. Or you can watch it below.


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