Parent coaching and quarterly workshops

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At CEBTOhio we often see parents struggling to help a grown child make the successful transition to adulthood. No matter what you try to do, nothing seems to help. The situation feels impossible for parents and young adults alike.

CEBTOhio offers 2 special programs to help families with this struggle.

Quarterly workshop for parents

An intensive one-day workshop on:

  1. The science behind mismatched temperaments
  2. Ways to address communication issues
  3. Identifying common obstacles to change
  4. Making sure improvements stick

Each workshop is limited to a small group, and provides concrete practice and specific tools to take home and get started.

For details on the next workshop, click here.

Getting Unstuck Parent Coaching

A package for those who prefer a one-on-one setting to learn the information provided in the workshop. It consists of 5 sessions, beginning with an initial assessment and 4 follow-on meetings, typically scheduled weekly.

The work is tailored to individual family circumstances. It offers undivided focus on complex dynamics, and is flexible to your scheduling needs.

For more information, contact Amy Kalasunas, LPCC-S, NCC at (216) 544-1321 ext. 2003 or by email at


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