Behavioral Skills Group for Teens: To Survive and Thrive

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Our behavioral skills group for teens helps them navigate the challenges of being an adolescent.

At CEBTOhio, our work with teenagers often includes teaching skills to manage strong emotions, guide interactions with peers and family, and address fast changing moods. Our teen skills group teaches these concrete interventions for use in everyday life.

Based in evidence-based approaches including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), this rolling admission 14-week group teaches methods to address stress, anxious and depressive moods, intervene with emotion regulation problems, address conflict with family and friends, and other common teen struggles.

Behavioral skills addressed include:

  1. Understanding and managing uncomfortable emotions – including sadness, anxiety, anger, and thoughts that are self-critical and full of worry.
  2. Ending procrastination and avoidance by increasing mindful attention while practicing healthy ways to approach tasks.
  3. Coping with stress and anxiety while learning techniques to change moods.
  4. Communicating and connecting with others while maintaining a positive self-image.
  5. Learning to address body-image concerns constructively.


For more information, contact Lindsay Varkula by email or at (216) 544-1321 (ext. 2006).


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