Dr. Wisniewski is a sought after and engaging speaker who has taught hundreds of workshops nationally and internationally over the past 25 years.

Upcoming Appearances

The Role of DBT in the Treatment of Complex Eating Disorders
September 15, 2018
Atlanta, GA

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Eating Disorder Association of Canada Biennial Conference
October 13, 2018
Ottawa, Canada

2018 Johns Hopkins University Eating Disorder Conference 
October 22, 2018
Baltimore, MD




Past Events

Australia & New Zealand AED 2018 Conference
August 3-4, 2018
Melbourne, Australia
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Congreso Latino Americano de DBT
Preconference May 15-16:
May 17-19: Conference
Buenos Aires, Argentina
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Strategies for Managing Slow Progress in Adult and Adolescent ED Clients
April 18-20, 2018
Chicago, Ill.
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Supporting Complex Eating Disordered Patients using DBT in Intensive Treatment Settings
March 19-23, 2018
Auckland, New Zealand

Evidence Based Training for Eating Disorders
Dr. Wisniewski teamed up with associates at Practice Ground and the Evidence Based Practice Institute to provide a 5-week training on treating eating disorders for the general practitioner.
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NEDA Guest Speaker
Dr. Wisniewski presented the opening speech at the NEDA walk in Cleveland, Ohio.
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DBT with ED Clients
In this interview conducted by Svetlana Bronnikova, we discussed the use of DBT with ED clients. It was my first experience with simultaneous translation. Need to work on my Russian!
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XIII Hispanic Latin American ED Conference
Dr. Wiskniewski was the keynote speaker, and also presented the pre-conference workshop.
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Symposium: Does ED Hide in my Office?
Dr. Wisniewski presented on DBT and ED with Dr. Leslie Anderson
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